Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How To Make a Power Bank- Home Made (DIY)

Finally, My phone Battery Can Last Up To 24Hours, With out Electricity And
 When Their is power Failure. Normally in Nigeria Especially in Lagos Here For Three Days No Electricity That is Why I Came up With This Idea Of Making A potable And powerful power Bank 15600mAh.

I Said To My Self, For Example" I Can Charge My Mobile Phone in My Car.
Then, I Check My Car Battery Capacity" it's 12vDc- 60 AMP And is Not
mAh So I checked My Dead laptop Batteries. And Tested It With A Multi -Tester Miter, To Know If They are Still good. But I discovered" that One of The Cells is Totally Dead. To Cut The Long Story Short.

"Let Me Guide You Step By Step On How You Can Make Your Own Power Bank"

Note: l will Not beheld Responsible for Any Damage.

Step 1
Remove Your Old Condemned laptop Batteries As Seen in The Image Below

And Check How Many mAh it Has.
And Calculate it Times How many mAh You Need. For Example:
We Have 2100mAh And we Need 15600mAh"
2100mAh × 6= 15600mAh

Step 2
Buy A Car Charger" When Buying A Car Charger, Make sure You Buy The One That Suits Your Need.

Step 3 
Remove The Panel and Buy a switch, Off And ON.
Connect your laptop Batteries To The Car Charger And Plug in Your USB cable
Also plug Your phone Happy Charging! 


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