Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How To Download Videos From YouTube

YouTube is One of The popular online video Streaming Site officially Own By Google. One of The Biggest Multi Millionaire Internet Company
This Company Makes Millions of Dollars
Every  year,
YouTube Recently blocked Many Browser From Downloading Videos Due To Copyright infringement Sometimes when watching videos on YouTube, You May See Duplicate Copy Of Same video.

YouTube Hates Copyright why Can't you just Make your own videos, Rather than Stealing Another person Video it's illegal.
Many people Have been looking for a way To Download Their Favorite videos from YouTube  Direct into Their SD Cards.

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  Method #1

First >>>Go to YouTube Type in The Name Of The Movie You're About To Download And Copy The URL, Then go To >>>Save From Net <<< Paste in The URL as Shown in The Image Below.
Method #2
 Go-to YouTube Search For The video click on The Url And Add "SS"

Click Download Your Video will Automatically Start Downloading enjoy! 


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