Sunday, July 30, 2017

How To Setup Direct Download link in Blogger

Many Bloggers Finds it Difficult Creating A Direct Download Link" Because Blogger Doesn't Have An Online Content Host like" Storage Where You Can Save Your >> Videos, Mp3 PDF, Etc..
So That It Can Be Downloadable.

I Will Be Guiding You Through On How 
To Create A Download Link. 

Step 1
Visit >> Google Drive >>"New Folder" Create A New Folder And Rename It "Blogger uploads"

 Step 2
Upload The file You Are About to link To Download To The Folder.
 Step 3
After You have successfully uploading
Your File Click on The file And Navigate To Share .

Step 4
Change the "Share Privately" To "Public On The Web"And Copy The URL To A Notepad or Any Text Software

Step 5
Change this URL As Seen in The Image below
 After That Your URL Will Look Like This

That's All..

If you're Experiencing Any Difficulty or Know Another way Of Downloading please let us know using The Comments section.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How To Make a Power Bank- Home Made (DIY)

Finally, My phone Battery Can Last Up To 24Hours, With out Electricity And
 When Their is power Failure. Normally in Nigeria Especially in Lagos Here For Three Days No Electricity That is Why I Came up With This Idea Of Making A potable And powerful power Bank 15600mAh.

I Said To My Self, For Example" I Can Charge My Mobile Phone in My Car.
Then, I Check My Car Battery Capacity" it's 12vDc- 60 AMP And is Not
mAh So I checked My Dead laptop Batteries. And Tested It With A Multi -Tester Miter, To Know If They are Still good. But I discovered" that One of The Cells is Totally Dead. To Cut The Long Story Short.

"Let Me Guide You Step By Step On How You Can Make Your Own Power Bank"

Note: l will Not beheld Responsible for Any Damage.

Step 1
Remove Your Old Condemned laptop Batteries As Seen in The Image Below

And Check How Many mAh it Has.
And Calculate it Times How many mAh You Need. For Example:
We Have 2100mAh And we Need 15600mAh"
2100mAh × 6= 15600mAh

Step 2
Buy A Car Charger" When Buying A Car Charger, Make sure You Buy The One That Suits Your Need.

Step 3 
Remove The Panel and Buy a switch, Off And ON.
Connect your laptop Batteries To The Car Charger And Plug in Your USB cable
Also plug Your phone Happy Charging! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How To Download Videos From YouTube

YouTube is One of The popular online video Streaming Site officially Own By Google. One of The Biggest Multi Millionaire Internet Company
This Company Makes Millions of Dollars
Every  year,
YouTube Recently blocked Many Browser From Downloading Videos Due To Copyright infringement Sometimes when watching videos on YouTube, You May See Duplicate Copy Of Same video.

YouTube Hates Copyright why Can't you just Make your own videos, Rather than Stealing Another person Video it's illegal.
Many people Have been looking for a way To Download Their Favorite videos from YouTube  Direct into Their SD Cards.

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  Method #1

First >>>Go to YouTube Type in The Name Of The Movie You're About To Download And Copy The URL, Then go To >>>Save From Net <<< Paste in The URL as Shown in The Image Below.
Method #2
 Go-to YouTube Search For The video click on The Url And Add "SS"

Click Download Your Video will Automatically Start Downloading enjoy! 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2017

Introducing, Glo Free Unlimited Download Cheat. Before I Go into Explanation I Would Like You To Check Our last Article:
 New Offer From Mtn

Last Year We All  Enjoyed MTN Bblited  Blackberry Data plans, And Now Is No longer Unlimited Is Now Data Capped.

What I Mean By "Glo Unlimited Download Cheat" Means That You Will Be Browsing 0.0k. without Airtime Please For This Cheat To Work For You  Make Sure That You Have 0.0k Balance

Requirement: You Must Be On Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) Plan. For You To Be On Pay As You Go Plan: Send PAYU To 127.
NOTE: You May Experiencing Frequent Disconnecting.

First Download The Latest Version From Play Store
Install And  Lunch App. Select 'GLO 0.0k

NOTEThe Free Servers Are Limited To 350mb.

Also Read: How To Bypass TweakWare Premium UpgradeS For FREE

Click "CONNECT' And Wait For Some Time. After You See The Mb Reading, Then You Have Been CONNECTED To Free Browsing, Open Your Browser And Fire Up.

If You Have Problems Connecting  To Tweakwear, Use The Comment Box Bellow For Quick Solution.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Five Best Banks For Adsense in Nigeria

Google Adsense is a free, And Simple way To Make Money From Your Online Content Like,  "BloggerWordPressYouTube, Etc..

Back To Our Topic, Top Five Banks For Adsense in Nigeria. Here I'll be Listing The Best Five Banks For Adsense in Nigeria, And Cool Ways To Receive your 
Earnings Right into your Account, without Having A Domiciary (Dom) Account.

 For DHl Delivery  (Check)  It Takes One Or Two Weeks Depending On Your Location And You Will be charged Few Bucks For It. 

 Wire Transfer It's An Electronic Form Of payment From One person To Another which will Only Take 24Hours Or Less Than. 

1. GTBank (Guarantee Trust Bank) 

GTBank Is My favorite when it comes to payment, Your Account will Be fund without any tax Or Debit Alert. 
NOTE- Works On Current And Savings For Now
All You Need To Do Is To Add This SWIFT - BIC CODE===> GTBINGLA <=== To Adsense Click On "Payment Setting"  ==>> "Add New Form Of  Payment"

Choose "Wire Transfer To Bank Account"
Make sure You have your Bank Account Information Typed In Correctly.

-Account Holder Name==>>"Your Name" 
-Bank Name ==>>"Guaranty Trust Bank plc Nigeria"
-Account Number==>>example >>"1234567890"
Re-type,  The Account Number Correctly.
Ignore "The Intermediary Bank Options" 
And Tick The Box "Set This Form Of Payment As Primary" Click =>> "Save"

2. Diamond Bank Plc

Diamond Also Works For Adsense.
List Of Account That Works with Google Adsense:
  1. Current Account
  2. Diamond Xtra
  3. Savings Account 
    Salary 4Live
    Diamond Ye'llow Account (DYA) Is Not Acceptable For Adsense.

    Bank Name ==>>"Diamond Bank Plc Nigeria"

    Access Bank Is Also One Of The Best For Adsense payment.

    Acceptable Platforms: 
    1. Current Account 
    2. Savings Account
    Bank Name ==>>"Access Bank Plc Nigeria"

    4.ECO BANK PlC
    Eco Bank is Now improving in wired Transfer Something ago, During 2012.

     A Friend Of Mine Usually Receives His Payment, On The 1st Of Every Month. But Now It Takes Only Two Or Three Days To Receive Your Earnings. This Is Why, it's Rated 4th.

    Acceptable Platform:
    1. Western Union 
    2. Current Account 
    3. Savings Account 
    Banks Name ==>>"ECO BANK PLC Nigeria"

    UBA Bank
    United Bank Of Africa, (UBA) is One Of The Developing Bank In Nigeria. Although, Sometimes They maybe have Payment issues. Like "we Are Having Network Problems, please wait For A while Or Go And Come back Later. We Are Sorry For Any Inconvenience.

    Acceptable platforms
    1. Current Account 
    2. Savings Account 
    3. Western Union 
    Bank Name ===>>" United Bank Of Africa PLC NIGERIA"

    If You have Any Questions Or Problems Receiving Your Adsense Earnings.  please Share Your Experience, Using The Comment section Below Thanks. 

    Sunday, November 27, 2016

    NEW iPhone7 And it's Specifications

    The New Apple iPhone 7 was released on the 7 September 2016 with double camera.

    Apple iPhone 7 photo:


     Lunched, September 7 2016

    • Internal memory: 32/128/256 GB,2 GB RAM
    • Networks: 2G/3G/4G   HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, 450/ 50mbps
    • Weight:138g
    • Simcard : Nano sim
    • Camera---12mp with phase detector Auto focus.
    • Battery--Non removable, 1960 mAh battery -7.45- battery can last up to 14 hours.
    • Phone colours: Rose, Black, silver,Gold, and jet black.
    • Connectivities: 

    See photos bellow:

     How to make your Go Crazy, with this iPhone 7

    Buy her an iPhone 7


    How To Make Money From YouTube

    Many people don't know That, They Can Make Money From YouTube And Some Don't Believe it. YouTube is The Most Popular Online Video Streaming Sites Own By Google. YouTube Was Founded By_ Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, And Jawed Karim. And On The year 2006 YouTube Was purchased by Google, for 1.65 Billion Dollars, Making Money From YouTube Seems Pretty Easy But, You Must invest Your "Time" And Data.

    1. Create an Email account 
    Gmail is A Google Email accounts.
    and is free to Create, it offers 15Gb, (15000)mb Storage, And is Better than Other Emails, or if you have an Existing Gmail account then you free to Go. 

    Sign in, With Your New Account Or Your Existing Google account (Gmail) Click on the "Creator Studio" Then, upload About Two Or three Videos. But, Before You upload Any Video you must Go through the copyright protection  
    After That you Click on "Channel"
    3. Become a partner:
    Having at least Two or three videos is Recommended for Ouick Approval.
    Then, Click On "Enable My Account" 
    Please Also Read YouTube Terms Of Service And Partner Program Policies

    4. Wait For Approval:
    The Approval process, Takes About 24hours Here in Nigeria, But, I Don't Know About Other Countries, Like China And Indian.

    5. Application Approved:
    After 24Hours You Will Receive An email Of Approval. Quickly Go to "Channel">>>> "Monetization" Link It To AdSense And "Accept Association" 
    It will Redirect you Back To YouTube.
    Then Go To "Video Manager"

     Then Click On The Empty "Box" Beside "Action" Click On "Monetize" Tick On All Of The Boxes, And Hit "Monetize" If you See A Green $ Bar Then you Have successfully Monetized your Videos. Your Videos will begin to Display Ads.


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